Medical Services


Medicall has access to its own pool of doctors specialising in travel medicine, tropical medicine and emergency medicine. In addition to medical assessment services, our doctors are also available to accompany patients on medical evacuations, transfers and transports as well as provide worldwide patient management. We offer our clients medical safety reports from any region in the world as well as remote medical services for isolated industrial facilities, business jets, cargo vessels and yachts.


What sets us apart:

  • Medical escort services: Medicall provides qualified doctors and nurses for patient transports - on the ground and in the air. As of 2017, Medicall is EURAMI certified for commercial flight repatriations.
  • Swiss quality standards: Our organisation works under the strict quality guidelines of Switzerland.
  • Medical assessment services: Medicall is the ideal point of contact for medical assessments or second opinions - specifically for incidents abroad.
  • Health, Security and Travel Management: medical travel advice for every region in the world.
  • Remote Medical Services: Click here for further information.