Fraud Management


Our auditing specialists investigate suspicions of insurance fraud on incoming invoices or on an individual basis. The cases are screened for insurance fraud. Manipulated invoices and documents are identified with the help of modern technical aids. The results can be used in legal proceedings.
Furthermore, we are able to uncover fictitious services by verifying licenses and the existence of health service providers by contacting the local health authorities directly or through our international network of partners. 


What sets us apart

  • Discovering fraud cases: Our specialists investigate suspicions and screen incoming invoices for their authenticity. This service is also offered on an individual basis.
  • Technical examination of invoices: The most modern technical aids can be used to detect invoice and receipt manipulations.
  • On-site verifications through our partners: Our international network of partners verify the existence of local service providers.
  • License authenticity: Licenses of medical service providers are verified through local health authorities.