Cost Containment


By having the choice of independent service providers within a comprehensive network and the ability to regularly evaluate these providers, costs are optimised wherever possible. In addition to this, Medicall's neutral invoice control works efficiently, cost-effectively and performance-oriented. The analysis and evaluation of invoiced amounts allows us to identify each service and determine the average fee. This provides us with a well-founded basis for future negotiations when it comes to services of the same kind.


What sets us apart

  • Independent invoice control: Medicall’s auditing guarantees neutrality and independence.
  • Flexible partner choice in the service provider network: 
    a network with a wide range of service providers enables a flexible partner selection and therefore low costs.
  • Decryption and analysis: we analyse the costs and present them in a decrypted and transparent manner to our clients.
  • Evaluation and cost negotiation: evaluations of the invoice amounts provide a foundation for future cost negotiations in similar services.